Joy of life

Sapori's is everything Italy stands for: the people, the culture, the food, the tastes, the flavours – simply inviting. This is also reflected in Sapori's food.

A visit to Sapori's is like a trip to Italy. An Italian "Ciao, come stai?" with a warm smile. Lively melodies that ring in your ears. Tasty smells that touch your nose. The warm cordiality and passion can not only be felt in the atmosphere but can also be tasted in the food.

Let your heart beat faster with an indulgence of Italian-Mediterranean cuisine.


I.Felipe Mulato

The face behind Sapori's. In his more than 20 years of experience, Felipe Mulato has learned that life constantly brings challenges, even at work. The love for his work helps him overcome any difficulties in life. "The love for what you do gives you strength and courage to overcome any challenge and make it a learning experience," says Felipe.

He now passes on this love and strength to his guests through his food and emotions. Taste memories that bring joy and remind us of Mamma and Nonna and reliving the feeling of what family means are the two things that drive Felipe and his team at Sapori's daily. "We bring emotions to our guests – with tastes, flavours and a service that evokes the Italian culture of life".



11 AM – 3 PM
6 PM – 11 PM

10 AM – 4 PM | Brunch
6 PM – 11 PM

10 AM – 4 PM • Brunch

We will remain closed until about the end of September 2021.

The heavy storms of June 21, 2021 caused major damage to the Aglaya high-rise building.

In the basement, central infrastructure (highly complex electrical control, ventilation, etc.) for our restaurant was destroyed by water ingress, which is why the kitchen and pizza oven cannot be used.

The landlord is doing everything to repair the damage as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the repair work will take up to 12 weeks.

It breaks our hearts that we will not be able to cook and serve you for the whole summer!

But we are already looking forward to our "reopening" and seeing you again 😊

Sincerely yours SAPORI'S - Team